Tiffany Cromwell and David Meeron

David and I got married at Crowne Plaza on June 23, 2012. I met David through a friend. We went on one disastrous date in 2004 and didn’t speak until a year later while dining separately at Tumbleweed. David approached me to say hello and shortly after, we gave dating another try. After almost seven years together, we decided to finally tie the knot.

Wedding planning was very demanding and I wish I had known how in depth it was beforehand. However, I am a perfectionist and am very particular. Just like every other bride-to-be, I wanted my picture perfect dream wedding.

The most important factors in my wedding were the ceremony and reception room, the lighting, and the entertainment. Not only did DJ Jaybird put on a fantastic reception, he went above and beyond with the exceptional uplighting. You never know if your guests are going to get on the dance floor or if they are going to sit in their chairs and stare at the dance floor and DJ. That is why it was so important to find that perfect DJ to get even the most timid guests on the dance floor having a good time. Luckily Jay and his assistant not only had everyone on the dance floor, but were on the dance floor themselves showing the guests how to do certain moves. My grandma was even on the dance floor doing the Cupid Shuffle! She had no idea how to do it, but Jay and his assistant were telling and showing the guests the steps to the Cupid Shuffle. The music was also upbeat and had everyone eager to get out of their seats and onto the dance floor.

Uplighting was a huge deal to me. I personally feel that it can transfer the look of a room and set the mood. Jay went above and beyond and not only provided uplighting, but lit the cake table, wall sconces, and helped light the chuppah as well. He was so involved with the lighting that he communicated with the lighting engineer at Crowne Plaza to know how the lights in the room were operated. This also brings me to another point – Jay was a great team player. I think it is important for the vendors to communicate with each other, so that everyone is on the same page. For example, Jay gave us an itinerary to make sure other vendors, like the photographer, didn’t decide to take a bathroom break during our first dance.

The uplighting he provided was amazing. On certain songs they would flash on and off and coordinate with the song. The amount of work and detail that Jay did was phenomenal and he was absolutely great to work with. He was open to meeting with us whenever we wanted and willing to change anything we wanted to change. I highly recommend Jay to anyone looking for a DJ. My guests keep telling me how they had such a wonderful time and I think Jay had a big part in that. You want your guests to walk in and have that “wow” factor and leave with a huge smile on their face knowing they just had the time of their lives. Luckily, with the help of Jay, my guests did!